It’s Hoodie Season, Baby!

So based on the responses to me making the t-shirts, I opted to try my hand at a hoodie last night. I must say that I REALLY love the outcome!

I grabbed some soft fabric ink as well as 3D fabric paint pens. The fabric ink dries soft and doesn’t create that stiff feeling of regular paint. I had a request for a girl with locs on a tee, but I decided go for it on the hoodie since my mom picked up a few for me yesterday.

How cute is she?! Her skin (although you can’t see on the photo) is a mix of brown and rose gold, and it actually shimmers in the light. Her lips are a pale blue with unicorn shimmer highlights, and her locs are multiple colors and have sparkly “adornments”. Her hair and facial features are outlined with the 3D paint pens for a little texture, and I can’t get over how awesome she is. She turned out way cuter than I expected!

And I made sure I signed her on the front pocket!

The hoodie is an adult large and is 100% cotton. I have one gray and one black hoodie on hand now, and I can’t wait to do more!

For my next one, I actually want to do a full body girl. Maybe naked of course, because that’s my jam. But with body jewelry and such! What ya think?

Contact me for this hoodie or a custom, I can’t wait to create for y’all this season!


Black Beauty Wearables

Hey hey! How y’all be?

It’s been a busy two months! I had 2 concerts, one festival, hubby was sick, then I got sick, and it’s been busy around here!

I am back on my game now, and I am crocheting and getting everything together for this season. I’m trying to bust out a few things for the holiday season!

Along with that, I got the urge to create some more tees. A couple of years ago, I painted some tees with black women with different faces and hair. I had never done it, so they were a little crude, but still cute. My buddy posted a photo of her tee, and I knew I had to get back to it.

Number one, she’s gorgeous. Number two, her tee was so cute! So told myself, “I’m gonna get back to it.”

I went to the store that day to get some fabric paint and shirts. I bought like six shirts, a bunch of paint, and just decided to wing it.

That day, I did three. I reeeeally like them all. They’re all Gildan tees and very soft cotton. I wanna do more, but I have to get some more paint and varying tee sizes. Check out the three girls so far!

I made sure to sign each one. The first two girls have sold so far, and I’m working on girl number 3. I have to name them as I make them!

What do you think? Do you wanna see long sleeves and hoodies too? Because I SURE DO! Someone requested a long sleeve already, so I will hop to it.

Check y’all soon! I have a surprise dolly to reveal too, once I figure out her outfit!


Dia de los Muertos Keychains

So although I have zero Mexican blood in my body per my Ancestry DNA, I have so much love for Mexican culture. I have been studying Spanish for years, I’m working on being fluent by next year, and I am so fascinated by the Dia de los Muertos tradition!

Brought to the public eye by the amazing movie Coco, Dia de los Muertos translates to Day of the Dead in English. It is from October 31 until November 2, and it is a holiday to pray for and remember friends and family who have passed on. It is a multi-day holiday, and is celebrated by many of Mexican heritage.

I don’t celebrate Halloween, as I am not a fan of what it stands for. Dia de los Muertos is completely different. It’s colorful, beautiful, and full of so much meaning. I decided to make a doll and a keychain to pay homage to the holiday and those of Mexican heritage.

You guys saw my sugar skull dolly, and I love her. I wanted to do keychains for those who wanted to grab something reminiscent of the culture but couldn’t really afford a doll. I have done a few, and I must say that I LOVE THEM.

These two I completed tonight, after a long slump of no motivation (I’ll write a post about that soon). I try to start small before hopping back into dolls. I fell in love with these two as soon as they were finished.

I won’t be making many more after Dia de los Muertos ends, but it felt really good to create these as a tribute!

These two are actually available for purchase! I adore them.

What do you think?


Holiday Season, AYE!


So I have decided to create an order form for holiday orders this year to keep track of everything. I was SO stressed last year with these dang orders, man. I took on way too many, and I couldn’t handle it.

I made this order form, and I am only going to take the first 6 entries. I put all the specifics on the order form, so just read and do your thing!

Place your holiday orders here!

All Pink Everything: Mini Mermaid

This was a totally unexpected dolly!

A momma contacted me to say that her daughter’s birthday was soon, and that she loves mermaids. She wanted to know if I could make her baby a mermaid for her birthday. Uh, yeah! I frickin love mermaids!

The only specifics Momma had were for her to have a pink tail, top, and hair, and for her to have Afro puffs.

Her body worked up pretty quickly, but I was trying to remember what I did for my mini dollies. I still kind of freehand my minis, so I just wanted her to turn out perfect.

Her body came out just like I wanted, very hippy and curvy. Then, I realized I didn’t have any fluffy pink yarn. DANGIT.

So I went out to grab some with hubby (who has been battling this weird, random summer cold and has had a headache for two days and vomited soon after we left Michael’s) and came back home to finish her!

Isn’t she fabulous?! I wanted to make her pink in her hair a different shade to add some contrast. And her head size worked out great!

The mom of the little girl picked her up this morning (I LOVE local deliveries!), and after some directional difficulties, WE MADE IT! We were on the phone and I was trying to guide her, she got lost, I was confused, but it worked out and now I got me a new friend!

Momma even called me back after she got the doll just to tell me how much she liked her and knows that her little girl will love her! She will get her at her birthday party on 9/2.

Stay tuned for part two!

Free Spirit, a Wild Heart with a Kaleidoscope Dream

As many of you know, I am a total Miguel die hard. Even my husband knows and just accepts it.

I even had one of my girls who is also a doll maker make this Miguel doll for me. It’s real, y’all.

I was supposed to go to the concert he had during the Wildheart tour a few years ago, but I had an ovarian cyst rupture and I was in too much pain. I pleaded with Hubs and told him I would be fine to go, but I could barely sit comfortably. I had my husband promise me that the next concert that Miguel had in Atlanta, we are there. Hell or high water.

When he went on his War and Leisure tour this past season, I bought the tickets QUICK. I saw that he was even doing a VIP thing where we could take photos with him… so I had to cop those too.

I thought I was going to pass out from excitement, y’all.

Miguel was on voice rest and he wasn’t too talkative, but he was SO NICE. We got a selfie photo with him as well as a professional one. I was so nervous I took a regular smiling pic and couldn’t be my usual self. Ugh. It was still cute tho. He is just FINE 😩

So this next tour, The Ascension Tour with DVSN, you KNOW I’m gonna be in there. I got myself a VIP ticket for my birthday, and we not only get to do photos, but a guided meditation session with him too. MY GOODNESS.

The VIP package is through Adventures in Wonderland. They have the dopest packages and staff, and they were so nice with guiding us through the meet and greet. They also allow us to bring gifts for the artists! I didn’t get to finish my piece last time, but I’m gonna give him a small Wildheart piece I started some months ago. Still a work in progress, but I dig it.

Acrylic and ink so far. I’m gonna add some more ink and some more white to the background for stars. But I also considered my Kaleidoscope Dream piece…

It’s hard to get a good photo of it because the background is silver. But they’re both album tributes and I love them.

Which should I give him? Hmm…

Either way, I AM SO EXCITED! I will likely document the experience here next week!

Birthday Unicorn Babe: A Custom Request for His Girlfriend’s Birthday

Every now and then, I’ll get custom orders for dolls. I do enjoy customs on occasion, but sometimes I just get a little bogged down.

I received an email from a man, which I rarely get, and he wanted to request a surprise doll for his girlfriend’s birthday. Once he mentioned his girlfriend’s name, I was overjoyed! His girlfriend is one of my regular clients who has one big doll, two mini dolls, and a couple of animals from me. She’s super sweet and I wanted to make sure her birthday doll was absolutely EVERYTHING.

He gave me some specifications on what he would like for her doll to have, such as hair, skin color, and accessories. He said she likes unicorns, so I wanted to do a little unicorn sweater/jacket for her dolly. I had a bunch of ideas, but only one doll.


It took me a while to get started, as I struggle with seasonal depression and mine is, surprisingly, in the summer. I could barely pick up a crochet hook, a paint brush, anything. Once I finally broke free of my funk, I got to work on her.

This doll was the first one I tried out my modified pattern on. I wanted to give her calves, thighs, and booty. My recent (in the last year) dolls have had booty, but I wanted to add definition. So she is the first of her kind!

I had created her body, but I knew hair was gonna be a challenge. This client has STYLE. Her hair is always different, is in different colors, and is always amazing. Her doll had to match! I began brainstorming. And then…

She contacts me, saying she wants to start planning out her next doll.


#skressed. I immediately hopped online to email the boyfriend to let him know! I couldn’t let her buy a doll, and I couldn’t tell her why. So I entertained the convo by asking her what she was thinking of designing, so maybe I could get some of the features she desired onto this current doll.

Her boyfriend agreed, and I decided that I would just make this doll naked and whatever clothes I gave her would be removable, so she can grab as many outfits as her heart desires in the future.

So we get back to the hair. Boyfriend wanted cornrows in pink, and I wanted a unicorn theme. I thought, What if I do a pink cornrow mohawk, with curls that come down the middle and the front sort of like a “mane”, and add a unicorn horn? Boyfriend wasn’t overly sure about the idea, but i showed him a picture of a previous doll I did with a similar style, and he gave me the green light.

It was on.

I think her hair turned out AMAZING. The curls were fluffy, they were defined, and I had enough pink to do multiple colors. And her little horn was done in a nice silk yarn blend for a little shine, and I added some glitter glue around.

Baby girl was off to a good start. I wanted to have her dress match, so I made her a removable pink party dress. It ties up the back sort of like shoe string laces, and it can be loosened and taken off for wardrobe changes.

Then, boyfriend wanted her to have cream colored glasses. I added them using the same silk yarn from her horn. I asked him how he felt about adding eyelashes to her, because I wanted to add these beautiful Tarte lashes onto her (I got them for myself, knowing good and well I don’t know a damn thing about applying eyelashes 🙄), and he wrote back saying that he always roasts her about her “bat lashes”, and she would never believe that it wasn’t his idea to add them. PERFECT! And of course, she had to have eyebrows.

At this point, I knew she was ready!

This doll was so dang beautiful to me, y’all. She means so much to me, and I know she would mean the world to her new momma!

Oh, and before each doll leaves our home, Hubs has to make them dance. It’s sort of their “initiation into dollyhood”. This was her dance.

He makes me sick 🙄😩😂

So my girl got her dolly for her birthday. She loved her so much! She said she cried! I almost cried at work. Lol!

Don’t they look happy together?

Just know… if any of your boyfriends, girlfriends, hubbies or wives wanna hit me up for a custom babe, send them my way! I will probably cry from joy because I’m emotional, lol!

– K.P.

La Belleza Negra: Ms. Dia de los Muertos

A few months ago, I decided to watch Coco. I’m all for everything that shines light on minorities and other cultures, and I thought Disney did a great job by making a whole movie with Latinx people.

That movie had me crying ugly, happy tears.

I have always admired the traditions of other cultures, and I found the Dia de los Muertos tradition especially fascinating. I was already becoming fluent in Spanish, so I wanted to do something to honor this beautiful Mexican tradition. Then, when one of my followers suggested it, I KNEW it had to be a go.

When I get a doll vision in my head, I can’t stop until I see that babe come to pass. So I decided to try my hand at a special doll in between my orders.

The start of the legs. Painted her little bones.

I went to Michael’s and looked for a few 3D paints. I found a few to get started, and I came home and got to work. The paints had a wider applicator than I expected. I was determined to make it work though.

I spent some TIME designing her face. I used paint to detail her features, including a glow in the dark paint (the creamy white looking paint). My husband and mom were both over (we binge watched Lifetime movies and Power), and they said she reminded them of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I guess that’s a compliment…?

So then I asked Hubs what he thought of adding Afro puffs to the doll. He said he wasn’t too sure about it, because he didn’t think it represented the people of Mexico. I immediately launched into…


It made me upset, because Afro-Mexican women are so underrepresented and are barely visualized in film, in the media, or even in real life. You can read about it here.

I wanted to try it out and see how I felt about adding Afro puffs before doing them on the doll, so I tried it on a keychain. It was a hit! The first keychain sold, and people wanted more! So that’s what will be keeping me busy over the next few weeks. I definitely want to have a few made before Dia de los Muertos on October 31.

After seeing the wonderful response, I decided to put a pair of sparkly black puffs on the doll. I also chose to adorn her head with a silk flower headband, since sugar skulls are often seen with flowers on their heads.

She is curvy using my original pattern that I am still trying to perfect, and she has some adorable buns on her! Her shape turned out beautiful, if I do say so!

I made her a detailed pair of pelvic bones and highlighted them because, as some of you may know, my husband and I are currently deemed infertile. I chose to only highlight the front portion of her skeletal system as to not take away from her lovely backside and the detail of her face.

I adore her! And to my shock, she found a home before she was even complete! I am forever grateful!

The natural sunlight in my house is pretty garbage, but I tried to do a photo shoot the best I could.

But did you enjoy her progression? Want to see more like her?

Thanks for the love for her!

Starting Something New…

Hey guys! So this is my new site, and I have it set up in more of a blog style since that’s what I’m familiar with. I want it to be laid back, fun, and I wanna show y’all all my work with no constraints!

I’ll start with a quick intro.

I’m Kia, the face and hands behind Chocolate Cherri Bomb Art!

I am 28, I’m a cancer, and I love to create. I see life itself as an art form, so I like to incorporate art into all parts of life. I have a sleeve and (almost) a half of tattoos, I’m a nurse, a wife, an aspiring sexuality educator, and a music head. No kiddos just yet, and no pets… I can’t have them tearing up my yarn or my canvases!

I listen to music as often as I can, and I listen to everything from Nickelback to D4L to System of a Down. I have been playing electric bass since I was 14, and I wanna be in somebody’s emo cover band. Miguel and J. Cole are my favorite artists in life and I am a HUGE Stan for them both!

My husband is my best friend. Might be cliche, but it’s super true. We do everything together. He helps me price my work, gives me feedback, and ships my babes off. One of our favorite things is traveling together. You can sometimes see photos of us out and about when I’m not at the hospital working and when he isn’t in school. Hubs is in school to be a nurse, you know… which also inspires my side hustle. Nursing school ain’t cheap!

We’re kinda cute.

I am a collector of art, dolls, and stuffed animals, in addition to me creating my own. It’s really inconvenient for my poor husband, who is drowning in a sea of yarn and naked chicks all over our home. He’s not that distraught, honestly.

Creating things gives me a sense of purpose. It makes me feel useful to have people enjoy things that I made myself. The joy seeing others receive and adore my products is a joy that I can’t describe.

That’s all for my life really. I hope you enjoy my raw rants about my art and you buy a thing or two!